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All PTFE fluid control modules

RKD Engineering, Corp designs and manufactures positive displacement diaphragm metering pumps and fluid handling systems. These pumps have all PTFE wetted parts and are pneumatically actuated to totally isolate the fluid path. They are used in our Semiconductor Failure Analysis products pumping very corrosive fuming nitric and sulfuric acids as well as organic solvents. These pumps are available as both standard product pumps as well as custom systems with multiple sources, valves, and fluid flow measurement and control.

Standard single path metering pumps

The RKD Engineering Model 230 series metering pumps are precision, positive displacement pumps designed for dispensing corrosive or high purity liquids. The units are constructed with all PTFE wetted parts with all mechanical components made of corrosion resistant polymers. All internal hardware used in its construction is made of stainless steel. The pump mechanism is enclosed with the electronic and electromechanical components in an air tight all plastic housing. The pumps are pneumatically operated to allow for full isolation of the flow path. The pumps deliver discrete volumes of fluid with the rate of dispense determined by an analog control signal.

Custom Capabilities

Because of the scalability of the RKD Engineering’s basic pump design and the versatility of the diaphragm design, it is possible to integrate a large number of fluid flow control functions into a single monolithic assembly.
Several different sizes of pump and valve diaphragms are available along with a bellows and a paddle wheel flow meter. Valves can be included that are normal closed or three way. The only limit to the complexity is the size of the monolithic body and length of internal passages.

Data sheets

    Model 230 Series Single Channel Metering Pumps
    Custom MicroPump capabilities
Application notes

    MP01     MicroPump reliability and accuracy
    EE02     Elite Etch Pumping Technology

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