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Semiconductor Failure Analysis Solutions

RKD Engineering designs, manufactures, and sells an extensive line of failure analysis and sample preparation solutions. Our systems allow an individual of any skill level to safely open a wide range of integrated circuit packages with various synthetic polymers and metal structures.

We provide you with the means to expose delicate silicon die surfaces and fragile bond wires, and to precavitate IC packages built from any material. Our systems are used worldwide in fields such as IoT, embedded systems, and nanotechnology.

RKD Engineering continues to develop products for the evolving semiconductor industry to make sample preparation easier, faster, and more accurate.

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RKD Engineering

RKD Engineering specializes in acid decapsulation for semiconductor packages. With over 25 years of experience in the failure analysis and semiconductor industry, our mission is to provide the highest quality products for semiconductor failure analysis by using a patented "wet etch" acid delivery system.

Product Features:
• The most complete line of failure analysis sample preparation systems.
• Easy to use counterfeit detection systems and equipment packages.
• Integrated chemical resistant fluid handling systems.



Our systems are used extensively in multiple industries today. Some common applications for our products include:

• Jet etching for liquid penetration inspection
• Encapsulant removal for bond wire analysis
• SEM metallography through device exposure
• Anti-corrosion sample preparation for nondestructive examination
• Protection of silver wire bonds in integrated circuits
• Heat sink removal coupled with front side thinning

Counterfeit Detection

Our solutions can be used to understand your supplier better. By using wet etch decapsulation, you can be sure that the semiconductor products you pay for are the products you receive.

• Are the best quality materials used in the package?
• Does the manufacturer identifier appear on the silicon die?
• Has the semiconductor been stored or shipped safely?

All these questions can be answered using an RKD Engineering decapsulation system.

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Counterfeit Detection
Fluid Handling

Fluid Handling and Pumping

RKD Engineering designs and manufactures positive displacement diaphragm metering pumps and fluid handling systems. Our pumps have PTFE wetted parts and are pneumatically actuated to totally isolate the fluid path to the package.

Our pumps are used in our own semiconductor failure analysis products to safely deliver fuming nitric acids, sulfuric acids, and organic solvents. The scalability of the RKD Engineering pump design allows integration into various fluid control systems into a single autonomous assembly.

Our chemical fluid pumps are available for custom scientific and industrial applications.

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