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I53 Injector 7400

The solution to silver wire decapsulation

An accessory product designed to augment the Elite Etch series for metal wire preservation.

This solution is designed to create a more effective etching process and to prevent metal loss with samples that have silver alloy wires.

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Mega Etch 7300

PCB semiconductor decapsulator

The Mega Etch 7300 was designed with the PCB manufacturer in mind.

This system gives an engineer the ability to open IC packages which are still attached to the original printed circuit board.

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Elite Etch Cu ESD 7200

ESD safe decapsulation

Decapsulation of gold, copper, and aluminum ICs with metal wire protection.

This ESD model prevents dangerous static discharge which could potentially damage circuits in an IC package.

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Elite Etch Cu 7100

Copper safe acid decapsulation

The Elite Etch Cu is an automated mixed acid decapsulator used to expose chips in ICs.

This model incorporates an advanced heating and cooling system which prevents metal damage in integrated circuits containing copper.

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Elite Etch 7000

Dual acid decapsulation

RKD Engineering's first generation automated mixed acid decapsulator.

A precise acid temperature combined with a high delivery rate allows decapsulation without the risk of bond wire damage.

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Nano Mill II 5100

Gaskets and more

Designed to mechanically remove encapsulant materials and cut custom gaskets.

The Elite Etch series functions ideally with a correctly sized gasket, making the Nano Mill II a common accessory unit.

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Mount Plate 5800

Mounting IC packages for sample preparation

Specially designed hot plate used for wax mounting of integrated circuit packages.

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Gasket Kits & Alignment Plates

Precise fluid delivery

Custom milled gaskets to hold the IC package in place for contolled etchant delivery.

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Accessory Kits

Solutions for any sample

Accessory kits give you more control over the precision of your sample preparation.

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