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RKD Engineering is proud to partner with the following organizations.

KAS Machine Products

KAS Machine Products supplies RKD engineering with custom built parts and components for every product. KAS is a California based machine shop which uses CNC mills and lathes to produce high quality products using raw materials. Through dedication and hard work, KAS has thrived for decades as manufacturing has left the United States.

Website: Coming Soon!

Shining Tech

Shining Technology is a Taiwan based company which provides failure analysis and quality assurance tools. Serving China and the majority of Asia, Shining Tech has provided sales and maintenance for RKD Engineering products for many years.

Website: www.shiningtech.com

JP Kummer

John P. Kummer Group is a European-based company dedicated to provided high quality semiconductor manufacturing solutions. By providing RKD Engineering FA equipment, Kummer supports the growing semiconductor industry of Europe.

Website: www.jpkummer.com